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Most Christians have understood the topic of salvation, but have never contemplated the Jewishness of Jesus.  Understanding the culture in which He lived will help you properly interpret the Bible. The Next Great Move of God-Christians Returning to Their Hebraic Roots, will open your eyes to the the Jewish world of Jesus and will give you a newfound obedience to the Scriptures in a way that will transform your life.

Christians all over the world are crying out with great sincerity and passion, “God, we need another great revival!” Constantly in search of God’s face, we persistently look for the power of God to manifest in our lives.  In seemingly insignificant pockets around the world, the first wave of the revival has already begun.  While living in the most ominous times in our world, born-again believers are hearing the clarion call of God to return to the root of their forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Guided by their Bible, steadfast Christians are returning to prayer; they’re returning to the Torah.  The Torah takes man on a spiritual journey to understand his Creator, as well as himself.  He is destined to become more like his Creator through this journey.  Thus, the journey, his destiny begins.

“God is shaking the Church into a level of reality.  One key for the Church in days ahead will be to understand the concept of “One New Man.”  Devour the pages ahead and watch your heart come alive to the Word and will of God in a new way.”

-Dr. Chuck Pierce, President, Global Spheres Inc. 
President, Zion International, Harvest Watchman, Global Harvest Ministries

The Next Great Move of God

Christians Returning To Their Hebraic Roots

Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn

October 7, 2009

Deep River Books/VMI Publishers

ISBN# 1935265059

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Covering topics such as:

  1. Restoring the Hebraic Roots of Our Faith

  2. Returning to the Ancient Paths

  3. Symbols of our Faith

  4. One New Man

and more....The Next Great Move of God will shed light on the foundation of our faith and tell why it’s time to turn toward Jerusalem.