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  1.   How did the church depart from their Hebraic roots?

    1. Christianity has been packaged too much of the world with a western culture. At the same time, much interpretation of the Word of God is based on the theology of the western Church whose roots sprang from Rome, not Jerusalem. And the western Church has always used Greek rather than the original Hebrew tools for interpreting the Bible. Thus, it is no wonder that while the Church is together in believing in the Messiah, they are widely divided when it comes to doctrines. The cause of all these doctrinal differences lies clearly in the departure of the Church from her Jewish beginning, which is her only unifying point. The only way to truly have the right interpretation of the Word is to return to the culture and scriptures of the Jews and understand God from where He has intended for Himself to be revealed and made known, from the Torah and the Jewish culture which had evolved around the Torah and their life in God.

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