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“God is shaking the Church into a level of reality.  One key for the Church in days ahead will be to understand the concept of “One New Man.”  Devour the pages ahead and watch your heart come alive to the Word and will of God in a new way.”

  1. -Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, President Global Spheres Inc., President Glory of Zion International, Harvest Watchman, Global Harvest Ministries

“Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn’s new book The Next Great Move of God: Christians Returning To Their Hebraic Roots is of great importance to me personally, to the Jewish people, and to the church.  I wish all readers of this book a great experience of joy in the Lord.”

  1. -Rabbi Joseph Shulam, Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry, Jerusalem, Israel

The Next Great Move of God: Christians Returning To Their Hebraic Roots is the fine print of what we now need to see, what we further need to get our heads around, and how we then ought to be responding.  Read it carefully.  Ponder it well.  May your soul become enriched Hebraically, and may the anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh be awesome in your present and future as you head back “home to Jerusalem” through his book.”

  1. -Victor Schlatter, Director, South Pacific Island Ministries, Inc., Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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